The ARTYS Smart Rainfall System (SRS) is an innovative rainfall and flood risk monitoring system. The rainfall maps are provided in real-time with an high spatial resolution taking advantage of ICT technologies and a network of low-cost rainfall sensors deployed in the monitored territory. The rainfall now-casting system allows a short-term prediction of the flood scenarios thanks to a dedicated runoff model and the web-GIS platform displays risk maps with a one-minute refreshing time.
Technology validated in relevant environment.
Fidelity of breadboard technology increases significantly. The basic technological components are integrated with reasonably realistic supporting elements so they can be tested in a simulated environment. Examples include “high-fidelity” laboratory integration of components.
Business plan completed
The BRIGAID Business Development Programme has been successfully completed. A MAF+ assessment has been conducted and its results have been enriched and incorporated into a business plan document.
Different realizations of the SRS system are currently functional in operational environments with precipitation monitoring purposes (mainly in the City of Genoa and the Golfo Paradiso municipalities in Italy). This notwithstanding, the indicated TRL is #5 since the evaluation of the surface runoff and flood alert functions still have to be demonstrated in relevant or operational environment.

How does it work?

Smart Rainfall System is a patented environmental monitoring system (IT granted, n. 0001412786; EU pending, n. EP2688223) that measures the rainfall intensity by means of the analysis of satellite television’s signals received by commercial parabolic antennas and estimates the runoff potential by means of a continuous hydrological model. Since the satellite signal is attenuated by the atmospheric precipitation, SRS uses an electromagnetic model to retrieve one-minute rain intensity observation for each sensor deployed in the monitored area. The central elaboration server parses the measurements from the sensors network, and performs real-time visualization of the rain and flood risk maps basing on a web-GIS platform.