SimuRes will represent the cutting edge in research, testing, design and promotion of flood resilient construction methods and technology.
Technology validated in relevant environment.
Fidelity of breadboard technology increases significantly. The basic technological components are integrated with reasonably realistic supporting elements so they can be tested in a simulated environment. Examples include “high-fidelity” laboratory integration of components.
SimuRes is at a TRL 5 level as the results obtained from the simulations have been tested and validated using data obtained from both simulated flood tests and from surveying of real buildings that have been damaged by flooding. The results were compared illustrating reliable results on a range of construction details.

How does it work?

Adapting the use of software originally designed for the simulation of moisture in buildings, this methodology combines lab tests of materials, computer simulation of construction details and full-scale tests of construction details in a flood tank to produce validated data on the performance of new materials being developed for the protection of buildings from the damaging effects of flooding. This work has been developed over a 2 year period in collaboration with Oxford Brookes University . This is done by comparing the performance of standard materials and construction details with new materials or innovative construction detailing without assuming the restrictive costs associated with lab tests.