SenZ2 wireless level radar transmitter

Based on the latest single-chip-radar technology SenZ2 managed to develop the first truly wireless water level transmitter that works autonomously. With its non-contacting radar measurement method and water-tight housing it can operate without maintenance for 5 years. Together with a smart connection to SenZ2's secure backend this solution will forces a breakthrough in water level measurement networks and enables water authorities to measure on another level.
System complete and qualified.
Technology has been proven to work in its final form and under expected conditions. In almost all cases, this TRL represents the end of true system development. Examples include developmental test and evaluation (DT&E) of the system in its intended weapon system to determine if it meets design specifications.
We already have a lab test set-up from September 2016. Here we tested level measurements for all kinds of liquids and solids, and combinations. We validated the radar measurement technology. Since 3 months we have a mobile prototype sensor available which can be connected to a laptop to test measurement technology in operational environments. In the coming weeks we expect to have our first truly wireless version available for testing. This can be seen as the Golden Copy. Also testing the combination with wireless data transmission in operational environments and settings. When this golden copy is evaluated we can immediately start our 0-serie production (we already have everything in place). The 0-serie devices will be deployed in real-life pilots and demonstration projects. After the 0-serie evaluation, we start with regular production batches, depending on market response and orders. Our online portal is already operational for more than a year, we have already connected other types of sensors and paying customers.

How does it work?

Installation and operation of the wireless Level radar system is easy: (1)Install sensors above water. Because of small size, sensor will fit in small sewers, or can be hidden under bridge to prevent vandalism; (2)Activate the sensor with a magnet, check on mobile device if the right measurement is communicated, and fill in the height of the sensor relative to the national level. Built in GPS give position automatically; (3)In operation the sensor will work for approx. 5 years without maintenance. The status of the sensor is monitored. When the sensor is moved, batteries begin to empty or other events occur, the end-user is notified; (4)Data is securely stored at SenZ2 servers and can be accessed through SenZ2 online portal and/or API.