Self-erecting flood protection system

German researchers have successfully developed Sandwich elements with thin top layers made from ultra-high performance concrete since many years. The use of this kind of construction for flood protection walls is innovative and has not been done before. Especially the concrete joint is completely new and has no example in concrete construction. This idea was already used for the development of concrete gear wheels. In this context, a number of construction details for fugues and reinforcement technology have been solved.
Technology validated in relevant environment.
Fidelity of breadboard technology increases significantly. The basic technological components are integrated with reasonably realistic supporting elements so they can be tested in a simulated environment. Examples include “high-fidelity” laboratory integration of components.
Selected for Testing
Selected for Testing: This innovation has been selected by BRIGAID because of its promising value for reducing the risks or the impacts of extreme hydro-climatological events. After a rigorous assessment, BRIGAID has positively approved the innovator’s testing plan, and decided to provide ongoing support for the testing activities.
Within a research project (funded by the German Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Digital Infrastructure) the system was developed, design and prototypes have been built. In this context, a number of construction details for fugues and reinforcement technology have been solved. The carrying capacity has been proven with numeric methods as well as experiments. So far, no test outside the laboratory has been conducted.

How does it work?

The self-erecting flood walls are build on locations where they are able to protect flooding through openings such as doors and bigger entrances. They can also be placed over longer distances as a protection line. Under normal, daily conditions they are in a horizontal "quiet position". Cars and trucks can move over it. If a (sudden) flood occurs they are self-erecting without the need for manpower or electricity. The flood wall is able to withstand not only water pressure but (with certain limits) also other impacts caused by wood or debris. After the flood event the protection wall will return to its original, horizontal position and is easy to clean.